Money? Life is now

We all want to grow. Make more money, fame, a better job, title, designer products, cars, and houses.

There is no limit to the money part of it. Did you ever ask, how much do I need?

I mentioned in my very first post about money being just a story. Piggybacking on that, yes you must seek decent money, but you need to find that reasonable number you are happy with and build a better plan for utilizing the rest of it.

Our needs are never going to end, as we get hold of more money we upgrade everything around us with physical products, and the story revolves and stays with things that doesn't carry much weight.

My philosophy of money is different and tells me to do the following:

  • Keep three months of an expense as a saving (you should believe in yourself to make some money if you lose a job!)

  • Give yourself a treat once in a while (you deserve it too!)

  • Use extra funds to learn a new skill (you have to invest in yourself, your return would be a lot higher!)

  • Travel (best thing you can do to learn otherwise and grow, take your kids and family along too. Let them see things sooner than later!)

  • Help people where you can (putting a smile on someone's face would make a lot happier!)

  • Above all, use money to take care of your family and loved ones (you need them to be happy now!)

I have planned my finances poorly until very recently. Always get an advice from your mentors to put a very firm plan on your financials. It will go a long way!

People plan unskillfully (like I did in the past), they not only waste money on the random purchases but keep on saving the rest of it for an unknown future. I do not believe in that.

I would encourage you not to let your NOW impacted by any means. NOW is what you can control, plan for spending your money wisely for today that makes you a better person and allows you to make others happy!

Stop worrying too much about the future.

Live and invest in the present moment, that's where life is happening!

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